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10 Best Places To Hook Up This Thanksgiving Break [Friday Faves]


Let’s face it, Thanksgiving break can be particularly stressful. A lot of questions arise. Will I gain the freshmen 15 in the one meal? Will the girls from high school that I hated think I’m cool now? Is this assignment really due at midnight on Thursday or does my professor have a really warped sense of humor?

Regardless, a great stress reliever for all these woes is hooking up.

So either invite your boyfriend down for the holidays, patch things up with your high school ex or find your old friend with benefits phone number, and relieve some stress. With your anxiety levels in mind, below are 10 great places to relive that stress over this Thanksgiving break. Got anymore ideas?

In The Garage: Slip away from a family holiday party or just another rowdy reunion at a mutual friend’s place. It’ll be better than beer pong.

In The Backyard At Night: A lot of people seem to think hooking up in the woods or in a park after dark is a great idea. These people are either in jail for public indecency or have been mauled by bears. When everyone’s out, sneak out into the backyard and enjoy all the thrills of the great outdoors, minus the chance of being killed or arrested!

In Your Childhood Room: Hide the fuzzy slippers, awkward family photos and portrait of your dog first.

In A Room At A Party: It didn’t work for Rory and Jess, but it can work for you! Just make sure you lock the door.

On Your Childhood Trampoline: Avoid this place in broad daylight unless your parents aren’t home and you have a very tall fence.

In A Car: A beloved favorite, the thrill of possibly getting caught only makes it better. Feeling really crazy? And live in the middle of nowhere? Try on the hood of the car!

On The Kitchen Table: Please, utilize this post-Thanksgiving dinner. Think of the children! Or pre if your other is joining you for dinner and you guys are looking to have a chuckle during the meal knowing what happened underneath your mom’s decorative turkey-themed table cloth. Sickos.

On The Couch In The Den: A la your high school days. Once everyone’s gone to bed you two can “watch a movie.”

In Your High School: Visiting your old teachers and fellow students as a fresh alumni? Take this opportunity to fulfill every high school student’s fantasy.

On An Exercise Bench in His Family’s Basement Gym: It doesn’t have to be an exercise bench, pick any old piece of exercise equipment available. Who say’s no one works out over Thanksgiving break?

This post was originally written by Maddie — Suffolk