Remember Roll On Lip Gloss? [Saturday Flashback]

So this one time in third grade, this girl Jasmine came up to me, like, “Do you use the rolly lip gloss?” Then she took out this small black bottle of  Kissing Fruit Gloss in pineapple. She twisted the cap on and profusely rolled this glossy, sticky, goop onto her lips. “Look at how nice?” It was dripping off her mouth. So nice. I probably just stared at her until she walked away because I was really awkward back then. Nevertheless – I knew I had to have one. 

I begged my mom as we were walking home from the bus stop, she took me into a bodega and bought me a cherry flavored lip gloss. I immediately proceeded to roll it all over my lips. So nice. These bad boys were a big thing (around where I lived) up until junior high and then they completely disappeared. I used to roll these onto my lips and eye lids (what was I thinking) to spruce up the ole’ pizza face.
Now, all I see is lip gloss in tubes or with wands. Rolling it on seems more practical? Is the formula for lip gloss different?
Do you remember roll on lip gloss? Do they still make them? Did you ever use one? Tell me, pwetty pwease!
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