The 7 Worst Kinds of Kisses

Last week we gave you The 7 Best Kinds of Kisses, now let’s look at the other side of that sometimes-slobbery coin…

We’ve all been there out on the town, loving life, drinking with the girls, when it happens.  You spot the most adorable guy hanging around the corner of the bar.  He’s just oozing sex appeal, he looks fun, and he has a great smile, so you go up and try to get your flirt on.

“Oh my goodness,” you think, “It’s working! He’s totally into me!”  After some witty banter and playful smiles, you’re convinced you’ve met your soulmate. When he eventually goes in for the kiss, you’re expecting fireworks, puppies, sunshine and smiles. What should be the most exciting point of your weekend turns into… EW.

He’s sloppy, he’s literally sucking your face off, your lips feel raw, your world is shattered, life sucks. We’ve all been there and it’s the worst.  But hey, at least it’s a story for your friends tomorrow at brunch? Ugh, I know.

I’ve compiled 7 of the absolute worst kinds of kisses as a reminder to enjoy the really great kisses when they happen.  Enjoy?

[Lead image via Everett Collection/Shutterstock]

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