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11 Tips To Having Sex at Your Parents’ Place These Holidays [Dude’s List]


Thanksgiving has come and gone but that leaves Channukah, Christmas and Kwanza to potentially call you back to the nest. And when you go back, you might want to pick up a little reconnection with an old flame, recruit a fling or bring home a partner to “warm the winter nights.” Of course, the issue is one of privacy. You can’t leave a sock on the door as a subtle heads up to your roommate. So the question becomes: how do you get to have your fruit cake and eat it, too…without worrying about the parental units interrupting the feasting?

There you have it, Ladies. Did I miss any? What do you recommend to keep the screwing on the QT for the parentals? Most of these have been tried and tested. They all work to some effect. Their success rate depends on many XXX factors including what kind of doors, thickness of the walls, distance between your bedroom and your folks’, but they all have their times and places. We didn’t even fully get to explore how to keep it on the DL dependent on which room you want to do it in. I smell a sequel!

Merry F*cking,

Dr. Dude

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