Texas Wants Out and Black Friday Shoppers Go Cray [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

Happy Monday! (That was semi-sarcastic.) I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of delicious food and low on family awkwardness (hey, a girl can dream). This week’s news is dominated by Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but I did my best to dig out the other stories. Read on!

At Home

Walmart employees went on strike in 100 cities, protesting the company’s low wages and poor treatment of workers. That didn’t stop Black Friday shoppers, who chose to patronize the store anyway.

The Obama Administration must issue a response to a secession petition from Texas, which received tens of thousands of signatures. A website is selling secession bumper stickers, and a Republican politician has pledged to change his middle name to “Secede.”

18 people were injured when a gas explosion destroyed a strip club in Springfield, Massachusetts. Luckily, no one was killed.

The World

Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire after eight days of cross-border fighting that killed 166 Palestinians and 6 Israelis. The agreement, which was reached after Egypt hosted indirect talks between the two parties, also includes eased restrictions along the Gaza border.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi issued an edict granting himself the power make laws untouchable by judicial review. Judges in courts across the country will strike in order to protest the decree.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy could face criminal charges regarding possibly illegal campaign donations.


Famous Puerto Rican boxer Hector Camacho died after he was taken off life support following a deadly shooting. Camacho was shot twice in the face while sitting in his car in front of a bar in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

In the latest confrontation of one of the biggest college football rivalries, the University of Michigan fell to Ohio State 26-21. The OSU Buckeyes finished their regular season undefeated, but they won’t move on to postseason games thanks to NCAA violations.

Hot on the Web

This week’s viral videos are all about Black Friday… surprise, surprise. I knew Black Friday was crazy, but I didn’t know just how nuts people went over these deals. In this video, screaming shoppers rush a Victoria’s Secret store as it opens, while the manager screams to try and calm them down.

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