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Jared Leto Says He Hasn’t Eaten In A Month [Sugar Binge]


Jared Leto has lost a lot of weight for his new role in The Dallas Buyer’s Club. The actor is playing a transsexual with HIV and told Vulture he hasn’t eaten food in over a month. WTF? I think I’d be able to believe you were a sickly transsexual without the self torture. If I can suspend my  belief to believe a man would dress up like a bat and fight crime after seeing his parents murdered, I can suspend my belief for this. He said:

Your body goes through weird stages,” he says of the weight loss. “Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to water. But for me, it’s not about the most weight I can lose, it’s more to represent the character.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is confirmed to play Batman in the new Justice League film. WTF?

This woman has to remarry her husband . . . after he threw acid on her face.

Adele’s “21” has sold 10 million units. I had no idea people still bought records.

Abortion rights are going mad cray in Mississippi. Jezebel reports:

“Republican lawmakers passed a law that would have placed unnecessary new requirements on the state’s last remaining abortion clinic, effectively forcing it to close its doors. This was all done under the guise of “protecting women,” which we know was crap because after the law’s passage, a bunch of lawmakers started running around bragging about how they were eliminating abortion in the state, which is technically not-constitutionally-okay. Legal advocacy groups intervened, and a judge allowed the clinic to stay open while they tried to meet the requirements set forth by the bill. Now, several months later, abortion rights groups are asking the judge to throw the whole law out on the grounds that meeting the law’s requirements is completely impossible. And that’s what the shit is going on in Mississippi.”

There’s a new Vogue documentary set to premiere on HBO. If you loved the September Issue your body is probably ready for this.

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