Do Guys Still Care About Leg Hair? [Ask A Dude]

Dear Dude,
OK, it’s truth time. The weather is getting a bit colder, so I’m getting a bit lazier and . . . during the winter months I tend to skimp on shaving my old gams. Would the guy I’m dating be freaked out by my beastly legs or is it NBD?
Leg Warmers
Dear Leg Warmers,
How beastly are we talking? Like if Robin Williams was a werewolf beastly? Because, yes then it might make a bit of difference. Otherwise, you’ve got some room.
Here’s a time when it pays to be a blonde. The hair’s lighter and generally finer, not NEARLY as intrusive in the bedroom. Of course, with the lights off and being in the middle of the proverbial act, I doubt he’ll give a damn.
I think women worry a bit more about leg hair than men do these days. Especially in the winter months when everyone’s covered up. By the time your pants are off he’s fully committed. He’s caring less about the hair on your legs than the hair in between them, if he’s caring about that at that point either. Basically, you’re in the clear here by the time we’re hard. Do some guys find it unappealing? Sure. It’s an aesthetic thing. We all get that. And the media does a number on people, driving home that there’s a correct amount of hair to still be labeled “desirable.” But let’s face it, if we want to start making demands about body hair, I’m sure there’s some you can make of him.
The whole topic is a weird double standard. However, it’s one that’s seemed to evolve over the last 5-10 years. A lot more men are shaving. Pubes. Chests. Ass. And even some trim their legs. Thankfully, we’re working on nose and unibrows regularly these days. I think it’s been a wonderful evolutionary trend and hope it continues to some extent, if only to eventually erode the double standard as much as it can.
For the winter, for the bedroom, as long as you don’t have lice in the hair on your legs, I wouldn’t worry too much. If you do, well, then you probably have a small host of other problems to contend with and your question should be the least of your concerns.
Hairy and proud,
The Dude
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