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Shopilly Will Revolutionize Your Online Shopping Experience [Web Spy]


I’ve shared my love of online shopping and sites that help fuel my addiction many times through this column, and this week’s featured site is another to add to the list!

I’m never one to pass up a great deal, I always sign up to be added to the email lists the stores I shop at. But since I get so many emails from stores, I actually end up missing out on a lot of sales! So annoying.

My newest discovery, Shopilly, makes sure you don’t miss a sale from any of your favorite online stores ever again.

Simply sign up for a [free!] account with Shopilly, which comes with your own personal email address, and use that email address to sign up for accounts or mailing lists of the stores you shop at.

All those emails will automatically go to your Shopilly inbox, which instead of your typical email inbox layout, all your emails are presented in a visual layout (think Pinterest). You can also follow your favorite brands and stores directly through Shopilly, to make sure you’re staying on top of all the most recent deals.

In addition to creating a separate email just for shopping, Shopilly will import emails directly from your existing email inboxes. You can also choose to archive those messages into a separate folder once they’re filtered through Shopilly, so you don’t ever see them in your inbox!

Besides just the usual marketing/sale-related emails, Shopilly also pulls all your purchase-related emails such as order confirmations and receipts, so it really is your one-stop destination for all shopping-related correspondence.

Ever since I started using Shopilly, my email inbox is so much less cluttered, and now every time I’m in the mood to shop, I can just log onto Shopilly and see if there are any sales I can’t pass up!

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