When Black Celebs Become White [Photos]

This isn’t a joke post, though some of these celebs have become some funny looking people. To be honest, I am quite sick of this shiz. I hate when celebrities get famous and slowly but surely lighten their skin. They do this in a lot of ways, with actual bleaching products, wearing extremely light foundation or with Photoshop. Look, I am not going to debate about the politics of brown women wearing a weave or sporting your natural hair texture (that’s another conversation). It is worrisome to me when brown people begin to alter their appearance to look more Anglo. If you notice when people get nose jobs it isn’t to widen or round their noses it’s always to have traditionally Anglo noses. Is it because my nose is ugly? Folk that shift.
When people of color become blonder, whiter and narrow out their facial features to look more “beautiful” or more “glamorous” it sends the message that in order to look  beautiful and glamorous you have to abandon all those wonderful features that expose your “ethnicness.” How many famous black actresses or singers are dark skinned in proportion to lighter skinned? How many have afros? How many have wide noses? The pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood exists for everyone regardless of race and especially for women. Nevertheless, when there is such a lack of representation for minorities you’d think those who  make it through the golden gates  would actually want to appear as a minority. How many people recognize Michael Jackson as African American? Beauty is not defined by hair, noses and skin color – so why is it that those who are regarded as universally beautiful are marked by their specifically Anglo features? Did you know that studies have shown that when African American children (and girls of every color) watch TV it actually lowers their self-esteem, but when white males watch TV it actually raises their self-esteem? Think about how important it is to represent ethnicity and womanhood positively. 

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