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Holiday Party Dresses for $50 or Less! [Budget Stylista]


With the holiday season approaching, you’re bound to attend at least one party…. And you know what that means: It’s time to shop for a party dress! When choosing which dress to buy, remember the following tips:

1. Go with something trendy- Everyone at the party will be dressed to impress, and you should too! Make a good impression by choosing a dress that is both stylish and memorable.

2. Be frugal- Why spend $100 on a dress that will eventually go out of style? By spending $50 (or less) on a party dress, you can afford to buy a new one for next year’s festivities!

3. Be aware of the length- A lot of dresses these days are made super short, so be aware of the length of the dress you buy… After all, you want to be comfortable all night and not pulling down your constantly.

4. Show just enough skin- A V-neck dress that barely covers the bum is a big no-no. Choose one feature to show off at a time: A little cleavage or your legs. Showing both is just plain overkill!

5. Check the fit- Yes, a dress may fit the mannequin like a glove, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit you the same. Check to see if the dress material is gaping or stretched tight, because an ill-fitting dress can be unflattering, no matter how cute it is.

If you don’t know where to start your dress search, I suggest looking at Modcloth, Lulu’s or Forever 21, as they all offer affordable prices. I’ve picked out the best dresses that these stores are currently selling and have featured them below.

Good luck shopping for the perfect party dress,