The Cautionary Christmas Tale of Ebenezer Snoop [WTF Friday]

Happy Holidrizzle, ya’ll. Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, or whatever the heck his name is now) has paired up with Adidas to bring all of us the “Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop.” It’s kind of like A Christmas Carol, except not at all. I mean, the premise is there. A crotchety old man (Snoop) learns how to find Christmas (how to party again?) I’m not really sure.
The video starts off with Snoop lounging in a chair before demanding a butler get him a drank, which appears in a red solo cup. I can only assume it’s purple drank in there. Snoop wants to share his story with us on this wonderful evening. It’s a “classic tale of loss, regret, redemption, and of course – partying.” Then it warps into some weirdo animation that is honestly, super creepy. Ebenezer Snoop as lost his holiday spirit. “Bahumbizzle, I can’t wait for this season to be Feliz Navidone,” the anime Snoop grumps.
It gets weirder as celebrities make guests appearances to show him how to regain his holiday spirit. But Snoop can’t seem to get his party back. The ghosts of holiday past, present, and future all show up to show Snoop Dogg how to live it up – Adidas style. Snoop finally realizes that parties aren’t about getting wasted, but about spending quality time with loved ones. But watch out, maybe the Ebenezer is us.
Thanks for that Adidas.
Watch the video here:

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