The "Girls" Season 2 Trailer Makes My Heart Sparkle [Video]

Hear me out, all you Dunham-haters. I was once one of you. Heck, a piece of me still wants to punch our pal Lena in the face for being the self-proclaimed “voice” of our generation. Today, however, I watched the full-length trailer for “Girls” Season Two and I’ve gotta say…I’m really kinda pumped.
It’s amazing what a couple well-selected songs and quippy voice overs can do to ramp up my enthusiasm for something I loved to hate so hard just a few months back. But times have changed. Ellie Goulding is wailing over Hanna’s quarter-life crisis. Jessa has a pack of tiny purse dogs. Shosh is sexing it up. Marnie is still an annoying pain in the ass, but whatever, no show is perfect (except “Friday Night Lights”…clear eyes, full hearts…RIP!).
Watch the trailer below and tell me if I’ve suffered from my own crackcident. Am I going insane, or does Season 2 actually look super promising?

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