Miley Cyrus Replacing Angus T. Jones On Two & A Half Men [Sugar Binge]


Rumors have been flying around all day that Miley may be replacing Angus T. Jones on Two and a Half Men but those just turned out to be plain unfounded. I mean how would the show continue to be called Two and a Half Men? Also, do you know anyone who watches Two and a Half Men? Please, comment and let me know.

• Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted snuggling on Rhi-Rhi’s Instagram. How should we feel about this? Chris Brown is a douche bag and if he hits her again we’ll definitely hear about it, maybe fame and exposure is a physical safety blanket for Rihanna? It’s hard to judge anyone’s relationship, so I’ll just judge Chris Brown because he continues to be a bastard on a weekly basis.

Lindsay Lohan  supposedly drinks 2 liters of vodka a day. I am not entirely sure that drinking that much vodka is humanly possible. Girl must have high tolerance.

1D has won the International Artist award at the ARIAS. I guess so . . .

Why were these two girls performing fellatio on the 6 train? This is why my mom and daddy didn’t let me wear makeup until I was 16. We lived in the ghetto . . .

16 ways the toy industry is incredibly sexist.

 Bazooka Gum stops producing the Bazooka Joe comic strip.

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