Miranda Kerr's Pre-Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Diet Revealed

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on December 4th while sitting on your couch eating an entire pizza. I’m a fit person, but I love food and don’t believe in calories. I’ve done runway, but I never starved myself for it because that’s insanity. Eat yo food.
Anyway, I love VS and the VS Fashion Show. It’s fun and cute and a total fantasy world. I mean, in what realistic life are you walking down a glittery runway? I would love for my everyday routine to be as sparkly as the VSFS. And while the girls are skinny, they’re generally not starving. They’ve got to have some boobage to fill out those diamond-encrusted bras, you know?
So it was much to my relief that one of my idols, Miranda Kerr, did not starve herself to get in shape for the show. She’s a healthy lady and a great role model. And like, look at her dimples. Seriously, she’s gorgeous. Miranda took to “Pilates, yoga, boxing” and “healthy green juices and protein shakes” to tone up for the show. Instead of not eating, she just bumped up her exercise routine and supplemented some healthier items into place so I thank you Miranda for setting a good example.
If you need me during the show, I’ll be live-tweeting @caitlincorsetti and dipping my pizza in ranch.
Are you going to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? How do you feel about it?
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[Image via Just Jared]

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