Names I Hope Kate Middleton Doesn't Give Her Baby…

So as much as I am obsessed with the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby, I am just as eager to find out the baby names the royal couple has in mind for their bundle of joy. They have not yet confirmed the sex of the baby yet, so that just makes the guessing game twice as interesting! Here are a few names I think they should pass on (plus their meanings):
British Royal Heritage Names: I don’t think Will and Kate will be apt to go the quirky-non-traditional route, so there’s a chance they might look to the British Royal family baby book for inspiration.

• Egbert: Means “shining sword”; this outdated Old English name is inspired by King Egbert, who took the crown in 802.
• Athelstan: Means “noble stone”; Athelstan was King of England back in 924, but the name came back to popularity when it was used in the 1819 novel Ivanhoe.
• Edgiva: This was King Edward the Elder’s third wife.
• Ethel: Means “righteous, noble”; this is a shortened form of many male counterparts such as Ethelwulf, Ethelbald, Ethelred… I think we can retire it!
Old-fashioned Traditional Names: These names may have been historically popular in GBR, but isn’t it time to spice things up a little? This baby will be no commoner!
• Archibald: Means “precious/true and bold”
• Balthazar: Means “Lord protect the King”
• Mildred: Means “gentle strength”
• Millicent: Means “strong work”
In English Culture: We know Will and Kate are familiar with British culture, but could they draw inspiration for their child’s name from popular media and literature?
• Benedict: Means “blessed”; but can you get any more stereotypically British than a name like this? Actor Benedict Cumberbatch comes to mind.
• Tybalt: Means “brave/bold”; Tybalt was a major antagonist in Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”
• Cordelia: In Shakespeare’s play, King Lear, Cordelia was Lear’s youngest daughter (and, his favorite).
Well, there you have it, my advice to the royal family. The name they give the baby will be my first test for them as parents, so I hope they choose wisely! Do you guys think there’s any chance they’ll pick one of these? What do you think they’ll name their baby?
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