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Be Dazzling With Clarins’ Odyssey Holiday 2012 [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

Clarins Holiday Odyssey 2012 Collection featuring the Odyssey Face Palette and Ombre Minerale Quartet in 09 Odyssey

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Clarins Holiday collection is always such a decadent treat! This year, the theme is Odyssey and with it comes a beautiful new eyeshadow quartet and face palette. The eyeshadow palette features warm browns and a copper shimmer, while the face palette is housed in a luxurious, heavy compact with gold overspray that just screams glamor! I couldn’t wait to dig in and create a goddess-worthy look with these two pieces.

How To Use It:

The eyeshadow quartet comes with instructions for a couple different looks, but in typical “Alex” fashion, I decided to branch out and try my own!

As for the Odyssey Face Palette, I swirled my brush around a couple times to spread out the gold overspray and then applied it on the apples of my cheeks for a warm glow. I could see girls of darker or warmer complexions using this as an all-over face powder.

CC Rating: A-

The Eye Quartet Palette honestly wasn’t my favourite product from Clarins. The shades were nice, and I love the pewter shade in the bottom right corner, but the other three left something to be desired. They were slightly powdery and a bit more difficult to apply than Clarins shadows usually are. That being said, I adore the pewter shade and have been wearing it with a bit of the dark brown (upper right corner) in my crease for a quick, everyday look.

The Odyssey Face Palette is one of the most luxurious pieces I’ve ever seen from Clarins. It’s quite heavy and the embossing on the top of the compact really adds to the richness of it. I feel like some sort of old Hollywood movie star when I pop it open! As for the product itself, it’s marketed as an all-over powder, but I think it suits me more as a blush. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve used Clarins products for something other than the recommended use, but I just wanted to note that. The gold is just overspray and after a few swipes of the brush, it diffuses and you’re left with a gorgeous, warm peach shade!

Overall, I think I prefer the Odyssey Face Palette to the Eye Quartet Palette in Odyssey. If you’re looking for a nude eyeshadow palette, check out 02 Nudes! You can pick up both the Odyssey Face Palette for $55 and the Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Odyssey for $40 on Clarins website!

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