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Craft and Test a New Pickup Line [Ready U Conquer This List]


I’m a pretty shy person. I’m not one to demand the attention of a room or go up to a random guy and introduce myself. I usually play it cool and make awkward eye contact, hoping that the object of my affection will come over and talk to me. I’ve never asked a guy out on a date or for his phone number, or even for his name. Call me lame or scared or a Nervous Nelly, but these are facts. It’s not that I have super low self-esteem or don’t think I’m worthy of any kind of attention, but I just have never been the kind of person to go up to a guy and use a pick up line. And maybe that’s because pick-up lines are synonymous with corniness.

“Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see!”

“If I had control over the alphabet, it would be U and I together.”

“Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?”

All so cheesy. All so lame.

I’ve been trying to end this year with a bang and get a head start on my fresh start in 2013, so this called for a little bit of change in my attitude and interaction with the opposite sex. It was time to step up my game and come up with some awesome pick-up lines of my own, and then put those lines to good use. I’ve always been a timid girl with no real desire to ever put myself out there, but in honor of the ReadyU Conquer This List and item #4: Craft Your Own Pickup Line, I busted out my Crest® toothpaste and put my pearly white smile to good use. Using my trusty pick-up line score card provided by ReadyU, a program that aims to equip college students with all the life skills they don’t quite teach in the classroom, I decided to venture out and learn just what kind of pick-up lines are successful and which ones fall flat.

As far as where I went to test these lines, I didn’t really have a set destination. Wherever I went and ran into someone that I thought was approachable and worthy of my test, I gave it a try. The gym, the local coffee shop, the library—these were all places filled with potential suitors to receive my pick-up lines. I tried out some of the cheesy ones that I listed above which fell completely flat and made me look less than stupid, but some of the others that I whipped out actually worked! At the library, I asked a guy if he was enjoying the book he was reading. A simple, “Is that any good?” put a smile on his face and showed that I was interested in what he was doing. Instead of coming off too strong, a simple question worked just fine! What I found to be most effective was a simple flash of my pearly whites (thanks to my Crest® Whitestrips!) and a simple, “Hello!”

I’m so thankful to the Conquer This List for giving me the opportunity to put myself out there more. I met some wonderful people who I plan to keep in contact with after I finally finish this list! Have you been following my adventure? I’m so close! Crafting my own pick-up lines was easy when all I needed was a smile and a positive attitude! I challenge all of you to participate in the ReadyU Conquer This List and make #4 a priority, especially if you’re shy. It’s so worth it!

[Lead image via Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock]

Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.