The Four Weeks Of Fitness Countdown: Week 1 [CC's ShapeU]

With the first day of December behind us, we find ourselves in the early stages of the holiday season, anticipating the celebration and looking forward to all the special things each occasion has to offer. Hanukkah has eight crazy nights and ABC Family has 25 Days of Christmas, so in the spirit of the holiday season ShapeU will also offer a special lineup of our own with the Four Weeks Of Fitness Holiday Countdown.
For all four Tuesdays in December, there will be an awesome, holiday-themed workout to get you pumped and ready for whatever occasion you’re celebrating. Steal away from wrapping gifts, baking festive cookies and playing with your Hanukkah armadillo to make sure you keep fitness in mind for the holidays!
This week’s workout is Winter Wonderland Cardio Circuits! Burn calories, blast fat, and create firmer, leaner muscles with these simple moves that can be done in less than 20 minutes! No weights or equipment are required, and you can do this workout virtually anywhere! And the holiday bonus? Burning calories during your workout means you won’t have to feel guilty about taste-testing any holiday treats (and by taste-testing, we mean eating them for breakfast…Really though, who doesn’t love those Pillsbury Shape Cookies?). Here’s the workout for week one:

The new year is only four weeks away! Why not make the last month of 2012 count with a new workout each week? Plus, should the world happen to end December 21st, you’ll look great, and still be satisfied with your final meals! Pass on the gingerbread cookies and get ready for the holidays with Four Weeks of Fitness!

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