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There’s A Fake Victoria’s Secret Anti-Rape Line [Sugar Binge]


Rape is a huge problem, but understanding what it means to consent seems like an even more complicated issue. If the person does not say yes then the sex is not consensual. Whether she or he is drunk, tired, asleep or too frightened to speak silence does not mean yes, no does not mean yes and there is not a single scenario where an outfit, invitation for a date or flirtatious gesture means yes. I understand the importance and efforts of campaigns that want to end one of the most vile and traumatic forms of harm in human history – but panties?

Pink Consent is a lingerie campaign for a good cause that plays off of the traditional Victoria’s Secret line, although it isn’t actually affiliated with the famous lingerie company. I wonder if putting those words on your bum completely undermines the message? Sporting the words “Juicy” on your butt doesn’t make me ponder the etymology of what it means to be juicy or what it means for a butt to be juicy? It’s tongue-and-cheek and meant to be cutesy. I don’t think the message “No Means No” needs to come in a cute package. It’s a serious message and the consequences of not adhering to it are grim and dehumanizing. What do you think?

 The New York Post sinks to new lows by printing this cover. I’m not really sure who approved any of this? The headline, the photo, the complete lack of respect for a human life.

 Honey Boo Boo is one of Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating People. Here’s what Barbara had to say:

“A lot of people will say, ‘For heaven’s sake, this is ridiculous, this is a child at 5 or 6 years old entering beauty contests,’” she says. “But the relationship between Alana and her mother — that’s the story, the two of them. It’s very touching. Honey Boo Boo is not an obnoxious little girl. She’s sweet and loving with her mother and loving with her sisters [Jessica, Lauryn and Anna]. And now Anna has a new baby, and the baby has [three] thumbs — but so what? It’ll make you smile.”

 Speaking of Honey Boo Boo, why is Adam Levine taking a Honey Poo Poo on my girl? I didn’t realize Maroon 5’s “This Love” was the single thread holding humanity together.

• Here are animated GIFs from Justin Timberlake’s pageant days.

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