Lena Dunham Doesn't Write For Money

In her essay for Judd Apatow’s This Is 40 screenplay, Lena Dunham says it’s “weird that people write for money and not to figure things out.” It’s a bit strange because Lena Dunham has a $3.5 million deal for her first memoir and of course stars in, produces and writes the hit series Girls – probs not for free. I’m not stupid, I know what she means (and many of her critics will use this as fodder to suggest Lena means to say you shouldn’t get paid to write) that writers should be artistically motivated as opposed to financially. In 2012, however, I don’t think there are any writers who are in it for the money. There is no money in writing. The books that sell big are cultural phenomenons. They occur inexplicably and over time. Writers who work for magazines, blogs and television don’t make anymore (often much less) than entry level teachers. Try getting your screenplay, poetry, novel or short story published – just try! Whether you’re good or not, there ain’t much money in it unless you’re very lucky or very connected. Even then, you can’t anticipate success. So she’s right it is weird to write for money, that’s why no one ever does. You don’t become a writer because it’s glamorous you do it because you love it and even when you write about things you don’t like to write about, you still love it more than anything else.

• Shia LaBeouf is wearing Crocs and socks, jorts and beards. He’s my janky-assed hipster BF that kinda smells like pee-pee.

• M.I.A. just leaked a new single by emailing it to her fans on Twitter. Natch, this ended up on Youtube in just a few minutes.
• Rihanna will executive produce and star in a new show called “Styled To Rock” that will be a competitive reality series where stylist hash it out to get celeb clients. I’m not going to lie, I’m probs going to watch every episode.
• Jet magazine has printed its first same-sex marriage in the wedding announcements section. The two grooms are swagadorable.

• Starbucks is opening up 1,500 more chains in the United States. There will be Starbucks in Starbucks, Starbucks on top of Starbucks and Starbucks in your mind. 
• The Atlantic debunks the gender wage gap or at least the common excuse for the gender wage gap.

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Beyonce and Justin Timberlake Planning a New Collaboration?
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