The Useless Web is Your Gateway to Completely Pointless Websites [Web Spy]

For most of you, the semester is drawing to a close, meaning you’re either right in the middle of Finals, or they’re just around the corner.
Although you’re just a few short weeks away from Winter Break, parties, presents, and just the general merriment of the holidays, you’ve got to get through this semester before you can enjoy any of that.
That means most of your days right now are spent at the library/study room/your desk reading those text books you barely cracked open during the first half of the semester, making outlines and flash cards, writing term papers, pouring over study guides, bargaining with your T.A., etc.
And when you’re working that hard, sometimes you just need a little distraction every once in a while to give your brain a break. That’s where The Useless Web comes in.
The Useless Web is, as its name implies, a compilation of useless sites all over the web. When you visit the site, you’ll see it’s made up of only a few words: “Take me to a useless website please.” Click the “please” button, and a new window will open up linking you to a completely useless site — such as this page that makes it look like an adorable puppy is cleaning the inside of your computer screen.
Some other (truly useless) sites I’ve found through The Useless Web: a page containing literally nothing except an animated picture of a mango, a site letting you know whether or not your computer is on, and an interactive bouncing cats game.
Before you ask, “What’s the point?” remember, this is all about useless websites — those of which that serve no other purpose other than to make you smile, laugh, say “WTF?!” or, above all, keep you sane during finals!

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