Anti-Gay Group "One Million Moms" Attack Ellen DeGeneres Ad

America’s Sweetheart, Ellen DeGeneres, was featured in a JC Penney Christmas ad and the anti-LGBT group One Million Moms has once again criticized the retailer for being ‘pro-gay’ and tarnishing traditional values. Last April, when Ellen was featured in another ad, OMM started their boycott against JC Penney, determined that their choice to hire the comedian was against OMM values.

The Christmas ad itself? Completely harmless. One Million Moms may think JC Penney is offending a large population with this material but I think this group is a part of a very small group of folks that thinks this is a valid objection. OMM dropped their protest, perhaps after realizing how few Americans actually paid attention to them. In contrast to their “strong values,” OMM seems to be displaying an ignorant reaction to a funny Christmas advertisement.

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