Justin Bieber Is Releasing An Acoustic Album, World Shudders To Think [Sugar Binge]

I guess we’re going to find out if Justin Bieber can actually sing? The bite-sized singer Tweeted out, “”Been writing a lot… new stuff… The acoustic album, new arrangements, is happening… #withdankanter.” I don’t know why anyone needs to hear Bieber unplugged but it’d be interesting to hear how boring it is going to be. I mean the only reason to hear the Biebs is for it’s groovability, right? What do you think?

• A new study confirms everything we already know about being a woman: people hate female sluts. (We’re pro-slut here at CC.)
• Check out this deleted scene from Girls where Hannah gets rejected by a cupcake shop.
• There is a new magical female condom that prevents HIV and magically disappears into your hoo-ha. TheFrisky reports:

“Researchers at the University of Washington have developed the technology to create the all-purpose condom of the future. This new kind of female condom, made of “electrospinning” micro-fibers, will protect against pregnancy, release anti-HIV medicine (or other STI preventatives), and then, get this … just dissolve over a period of days, or even minutes.”

I’ll take 100 – yeah, I’m that kind of girl.
• “Sources” are reporting that Rihanna got a “Breezy” tattoo. Oh no she didn’t! – Oh yes she did! Or actually there’s NO PICS. No PRUF. NO TRUF. Only time will tell.
Is Psy, sweet, gleeful Psy – anti-American? Anti-freedom fries? Anti-Coca-Cola? Some incidences are suggesting an overwhelming yes or at the very least he is as anti-American as most Americans are.
• What do you think of the official Downton Abbey swag? I’d rock a “Kissing Cousins” t-shirt.

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