15 Things I Learned From Lena Dunhams $3.7 Mil Book Proposal

So Lena Dunham’s $3.7 million book proposal has been released and it is very Lena Dunham-y. Let’s just say the proposal which consists of several personal essays that explain, well . . . a lot.  Gawker managed to snag it so we went through its pages and picked some of the most educational highlights. Here are 15 things (quotes) we learned about Lena Dunham from her upcoming book of essays “Not That Kind Of Girl.”

1. ) I had a lucky little girlhood. It wasn’t always easy to live inside my brain, but I had the best care and feeding (lots of ravioli) and we lived in a sun-drenched loft on Broadway and didn’t worry about very much except what gallery to go to on a Sunday and whether or not my child psychologist was helping with my sleeping issues.

2.) At 24 I felt like an old maid….

3.) I went to my first Women’s Action Coalition meeting at age three.

4. ) When I was about nine I developed a terrible fear of being anorexic.

5. ) Cassie was a very fat girl we knew who we had nicknamed fat Cassie because she also wasn’t that nice.

6. ) Once at a poetry camp I saw my friend Joana in a bikini and the difference between our respective stomachs sobered me for about an hour.

7.) Once I had a vegan dinner party which was chronicled for the style section of the New York Times.

8.) I’ve been in therapy since I was seven.

9. ) Fellows: If you are mean to me in a health food store? I will be intrigued by you.

10. ) I basically didn’t meet a Republican until I was nineteen.

11.) College was an orgy of soy ice cream and french fries consumed at 3am.

12.) I really don’t drink, and I’ve never sought out drugs of any kind save for antibiotics, but when I do drink I usually get drunk enough to vomit and if someone offers me a weird drug in an odd place it feels like my duty to say yes.

13. ) When I was about nine I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it.

14. ) I got my period the summer after 8th grade.

15. ) I’ve never kept a diary, [because] if a girl writes in her diary and no one’s there to read it did she really write at all?

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