DIY With CC: Beer Advent Calendar [Craft Post]

If you’re anything like me, you are, like, totally excited for Christmas. Every year my mom gets me one of those cardboard advent calendars where you can pop out a little chocolate and you can also see how many days there are until Christmas. It’s a family tradition. This year? While I don’t hate the little pop out chocolates, I could definitely use something a little more adult while I anxiously await Christmas day. Solution. Beer advent calendar. It’s like, you’re double excited. You’re excited for Christmas AND excited for beer. Perfect. And it’s relatively easy to make.


  • Hobby knife
  • White glue
  • Duct tape
  • 2 packing tubes – might want to measure the diameter of the tubes so that a can of beer will fit snugly
  • Holiday Wrapping Paper
  • 24 cans of your favorite beer
  • Cardboard
  • Poster Board

Step 1: Cut the tubes into 5″ long sections using the hobby knife. Obviously cut 24, because you’ll want one for every day until Christmas Day.
Step 2: Glue the tubes together in 4 rows of 6. Like the picture below:

Step 3: Measure out the length and with of the tube matrix and cut pieces of cardboard for the sides and back panel. Glue them to the tube matrix. Cut the poster board to match the front panel but don’t glue it down, leave the front tubes open.
Step 4: Fill the tubes with beer. I think it’d be so fun to have a holiday beer in each tube or have it be a different beer every day.
Step 5: Glue the poster board down to the front panel and cut cross slits using the hobby knife in front of each tube like the picture below:

Step 6: Wrap the calendar in wrapping paper and number the tubes in a sporadic order. Also cut smaller sits in the wrapping paper so the person can reach in and grab the beer.
Thanks to Instructables for the idea and some pictures. Click over there to see their rendition!

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