How Is Kristen Stewart Landing These Awesome Roles?

Regardless of if you like Kristen Stewart or not, it seems a little odd that she’s landing so many incredible roles right? Twilight and Snow White And The Huntsman excluded. I haven’t seen On The Road yet, but I did unfortunately see Welcome To The Rileys and In The Land Of Women and Adventureland. Kristen acts the same way in She’s basically at the same level as when she did Panic Room. And it’s not the roles that are bad, it’s her. I call this the Taylor Swift Common Denominator Syndrome. Well, homegirl has confirmed her involvement in Ben Affleck’s next project, Focus.
Remember people were freaking out about this because Ben Affleck was raving about her and everyone was all “OMG she’s going to break up Ben and Jen!”  because she had a small affair with Rupert Sanders? Yeah. I’m not so much concerned with that. Ben Affleck may be a rumored deadbeat dad, but he’s not an idiot with his personal life. Although, I am starting to second guess his ability to recognize talent. So, what is it about K-Stew? Because her acting isn’t great.
I guess she’s hotter now or something. Even so, she’s just always so bored. Is it her constant ability to be less-than-enthused about everything? Is it the lip biting? Her messy head of hair? Monotone voice? I have no idea. I have yet to be impressed by her acting skills, and it makes me sad to see other young and talented actresses being overlooked for Kristen. Especially because she isn’t even really appreciative or grateful for her success. She constantly complains about her fame level. Kristen, no one is forcing you to act.
I think her whole attitude now is a thing. Do you think she honestly wants to go back to life before super fandom? No, probably not. She can pretty much do whatever she wants. Even star in movies with Ben Affleck. There are so many talented young actresses that have incredibly impressive acting skills, but Kristen Stewart is landing roles because she is publicity gold. That’s what is happening here. People will see movies with her because she’s a hot ticket item right now. Kind of like how dudes are dating Taylor Swift because it’s a good PR stunt (here’s lookin’ at you, Styles).
I would just like to see someone who is actually grateful for their opportunities and the fact that millions of people love them get good roles for once. But that’s just me.
What do you think? Should K-Stew be landing these roles? Do you like her as an actress?
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