On Having Sad Days [Chronicles Of The City]

I’m a generally happy person with a fairly sunny disposition in life. Like I’m the kind of girl that people think never has a bad day. And even if I do have a bad day, I kind of just suck it up until I get home in the comfort of my own room and cry a little. Maybe dip some Oreos in ice cream and watch something depressing just to let it out. These types of days don’t happen often.
I lead a very blessed life. I have an amazing family that is so beyond supportive. I have wonderful friends who are there for me at the drop of a hat. I have a truly special roommate, and we have a fabulous apartment. I have a bright future ahead of me. I have good hair. I have people that love me. I live in New York for Christ’s sake. To say my life is good is an understatement.
But I do have sad days sometimes, and you probably do too. There have been a lot of changes in my life since I moved to New York. Not bad changes, just life stuff. I’ve come to realize that I never really accepted the graduation thing. I kept feeling like I would be going back to college at some point, but I’m not. I’m not going to grad school, and this really is just the beginning of the rest of my life. That’s a scary thing. It’s overwhelming and daunting, but exciting too. There’s a lot to deal with during the post-grad come down.
Friends scatter, and we’re all busy in our own “real world” lives. I have several mass text groups going, and sadly, those are how we communicate now. There just isn’t time really for phone calls and Skype dates every day. Everyone is moving along on their own adventure, and friendships take as much work sometimes as well, work. I’ve been really missing my friends from home lately. I went from living in my sorority house last year and being around my best friends every waking minute to moving home and being around my childhood friends all the time to here. Fortunately, some of my best friends from college do live here, and Alex and I are like two peas in a pod. But there’s rarely time to be around each other and making new friends in this city is tough.
This week, a very dear friend moved across the country. We used to work together, and he asked me once “When are you going to write about the hot guy from the office?” so now I am. Work friends are usually like friends from class. You’re friendly and chat, but you’re probably not going to hang out later. Well this person became a really close friend that I didn’t expect, yet I greatly appreciate. Life happened, and he moved. So yeah, I was sad when he left. Shit, I’m still sad. I would be upset if any friend I’ve gained here left, but especially someone that close. It’s a sucky situation that I’m not happy about, and I wish things were different. But  they’re not so there’s that. This is another one of those “It’s okay” lessons.
It’s okay to be sad and not want to do anything. You’re allowed to take a day and eat Ben & Jerry’s for dinner. You can put on a movie that you can cry to and just be sad. You can order pizza and sit on the couch and spend the day looking at things you can’t afford and going through old pictures of your friends from home and not put on real clothes.
These things are totally fine in moderation. Like don’t do this for a week straight. Don’t even do this for more than two days straight. Get your sad on and just let it out. Feel all the feels. Once it’s over you’ll feel better, and then you can get your shit together and do stuff.
Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Alabama who has an obsession with cupcakes, coffee, and Harry Potter. She always has random fun facts and is now living and adventuring in New York City. Follow her fabulous life @caitlincorsetti. You’re welcome!

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