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First Look At Emma Watson’s “The Bling Ring” [Sugar Binge]


Emma Watson is starring in the Sofia Coppola film, “The Bling Ring.” The movie is based on those pesky Hollywood robberies from a few years back. Remember when all those teenagers were targeting celebrity homes just to burglarize them? The teens robbed around 50 homes and snagged around $3 million in cash and belongings. This movie is either going to awesome or ironically awesome – either way, I am totally down.

• How to be fabulous . . . it don’t cost a dime, honey.

• Lea Michele thinks her boobies are “prize winners.” 

• Chris Brown‘s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Train is joining him on tour . . . things are going to pop off.

• How a school’s “Modesty Club” became a vehicle for slut shaming.

“A 15-year-old girl from California named Saige Hatch started a Modesty Club at her school because she wanted to dress conservatively, and it grew to an international sensation. Fair enough. But here’s what we have a slight issue with: Saige and her brother, who founded a “No Cussing” club, are implying that anyone dresses in a way that they don’t consider modest simply doesn’t respect herself.”

•  Check out this video of Moses and Santa engaging it what can only  be described as an, “epic rap battle of biblical proportions.” 

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