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ReadyU Wants to Do Your Laundry [Giveaway]


College is said to be the best four years of your life. Between making amazing friends, living on your own and learning more about the world around you, it’s definitely not hard to see why. And when you’re not in class or stuck in the library, I think I speak for everyone when I say you’d like to be doing one of the following things: a) sleeping, b) hanging out with your besties or c) texting the cute guy/girl from your PoliSci lecture.

The one thing you don’t want to be doing? Laundry…

No one wants to turn down an invitation to the best night of their lives because they have to stay in and separate white sheets and red socks. Lucky for you, ReadyU, the ultimate resource for college students helping you conquer beyond the classroom, wants to tackle laundry day so you don’t have to. That’s right, the ReadyU folks have been to college and understand that much of life happens when you’re not stuck in the library cramming for a morning midterm. They want to do your laundry for you so you can use that extra time perusing local museums, learning about your college’s history, volunteering in your community… whatever!

To enter, let us know what you’d do with your extra free time if ReadyU did your laundry! You could win a ReadyU prizepack full of lifestyle and laundry necessities, as well as the opportunity to lighten your laundry load by a couple of lbs!* So go on, tell us. How would you choose to spend your extra free time if ReadyU did your laundry?



*NOTE: Laundry amount will be dictated by the winner’s regional location and cost of service in relation to value of prize pack.