12 Gifts for Him This Holiday Season [Dude’s List]

Tis the season to spend your hearts out on the one you’ve given your heart to…for this year, at least. The hardest part of the holiday season is rooted in the inevitable question: “What do I get him?” For some people, it’s an obvious choice (the “Chuck” Complete Series Blu-Ray collection) but others leave your giving nature (or unforgiving one) flustered. Do you get him something he wants or something he needs? Is it a risk to buy clothes? There’s nothing special about buying him a twelve pack of boxer briefs from the Hanes.com sale (or is there?).

Fear not, Ladies! The Dude is here to help. I’ve racked my brain and the intersect-net, interNET, for 12 badass gifts he’d adore. Granted, several of these might qualify as “things to make a deal with a Crossroads demon to get” gifts, but if not all financially viable, they’re great for pointing in the right direction…

There you go, Ladies. Some ideas at the very least. Remember, these are all investments in his (and thus your) happiness. Don’t take them all for the Gospel, water them down ($925 for an overcoat’s a bit, uh, yeah, much). The goal’s to inspire. The most important part of the gift is the thought behind it…and if batteries are included (see item 12). The one gift you’re always giving is letting him know that you care. And if I may add an honorable mention to this list, there’s always time to give a donation to a worthy cause in his name. The spirit is one of generosity, not just economy building.

On the 12th day of Christmas I give to you…

The Dude

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