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Lena Dunham Announced a “GIRLS” Soundtrack


Whether you love HBO’s hit show Girls, or you love to hate it, you should be aware that they are releasing a soundtrack. It’s for every 20-something semi-hipster who felt like they didn’t quite fit in. And I’m excited. Fueled By Ramen is the label responsible for releasing the album, and they’ve worked with notable bands like Fun, Paramore and Panic! At The Disco, amongst others.

Lena Dunham tweeted out a link to the cover art earlier (check it out here). The album is going to include tracks by Fun. (for whom Dunham’s BF is a drummer), and the lead single is a song called “Girls” by Sanitgold. It seems a tad pretentious and hipstery, but I think it fits with the flow of the show, because let’s face it – Hannah is a little pretentious and hipstery. But everyone loves a good hipster?

Lena says she always kind of has a playlist for each episode and she worked with the music produces on the show to create the first volume, but that means they are planning more than one! So, we’ll have that to look forward to. Personally, I’m pretty excited, I love Santigold and although Girls can be infuriating I’m sure Lena will create a soundtrack that would be pretty unique and perfect for the show. The second season of Girls starts Jan 13th. What do you think, soundtrack is good or tacky?? And are you excited for season 2 of Girls?

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