Tuffy Luv Sez Kick Senioritis to the Curb

Dear Tuffy Luv,

I have read a few of your posts and I really like the sound advice that you have given people on various topics. So I figured I should ask for advice about a concern of mine that I’ve been dealing with for a while.Lately, college has been dragging along. I have been attending classes and trying to stay focused, not to mention participating in the many extra curricular activities that I am involved in. It just seems as if I have fallen into this routine and I don’t know how to get out of it. My time management is off, procrastination is at its peak, and any attempts at studying have ended in wasted blocks of time, and all this shows in my grades. This semester was the first time I was forced to drop a class.

I was thinking that maybe I had a serious case of senioritis, but I still have 3 more semesters until graduation. I cannot afford to fall off, not to mention my scholarship requirements. So my question is this: What can I do to be more motivated and inspired with my studies? I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried changing study habits, planning things out, and I’ve even tried to surround myself with people who have high work ethic and an energetic drive about school. With every bad test grade, missed deadline, and watching my friends who seem to be doing so well with everything I am usually left with this horrible feeling. I just feel a little worthless and unpurposeful, I feel like I have lost my drive.

What’s crazy to me is that this only happens when dealing with school work and when school is in session. With working, clubs and organizations, and even other hobbies that I have take up, I am on the ball with getting stuff done. Why does everything turn gray with academics?

What should I do?

Seriously Unmotivated

Dear Seriously Unmotivated,

Sounds to me like you’re in the wrong major. I mean, if you’re this bored with your classes, imagine how bored you’ll be in your career! And you do NOT want that. So, like, think about it this way: Which extra-currics are you into? What hobbies? The things you’re doing TO procrastinate could be the things you should be doing INSTEAD.

Like, say you like cooking. Maybe you should try out Nutrition. Or if you like sewing, maybe something in fashion. Think about what your interests are and switch over. You’ll be so much happier. Yes, it sucks you might have to take summer classes or an extra semester to catch up. But, girl, we’re talking about your flooping LIFE here. You really want to be bored and unmotivated until you RETIRE?!

Also, try this: Make an inspiration board. Glue shoop up that reminds you of your goals and where you want to be after school. Remind yourself you’re going to school to get there. And then set your alarm, turn off your phone, close out anything internet, and get to work!!! Set up a block of time that is SCHOOL WORK ONLY.

Get going!!!

Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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