The Four Weeks of Fitness Countdown: Week 2 [CC’s ShapeU]

It’s week two of the Four Weeks of Fitness Holiday Countdown! With last week’s Winter Wonderland Cardio Circuits, burning calories and breaking a sweat was made easy and fun! For this week’s routine, we honor the beginning of Hanukkah with a workout for your core! Spend the festival of lights with chutzpah and give yourself a few minutes to fire up that six pack!

Hanukkah is by far the longest holiday of the season, and with eight nights of customary fun comes plenty of time to set aside room for fitness! Start a new Hanukkah tradition and celebrate with eight minutes of core work that will define and chisel your abs, and keep you in the holiday spirit. Here’s week two’s ‘Hanukkah Core Crunch’:

Don’t let those Hanukkah candles be the only thing burning this year: take some time off from putting on your yarmulke and playing the harmonica to work your six pack with this awesome Hannukah-inspired core routine. Mazel Tov!

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