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Kanye’s Leather Skirt Is Ferosh [Music News]


Kanye performed at the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy even wearing a leather skirt with leather leggings. I say,”F**K YEAH!” Imagine a rapper wearing a skirt 10 years ago. Imagine it 15 years ago. He’d be demolished and ripped to shreds by the once “necessary” machismo attitudes of hip hop peers. We’ve come a long way when a rapper – as established as Yeezy – can wear a skirt on stage and it is NBD. It’s fashion. There isn’t anything inherently gendered about fashion so much as we impose certain genders on certain clothing. Remember when women just didn’t wear pants and feminism came along and changed that? Men have not really had the same kind of gendered or sexual revolution (even though feminism and queer theory have long been trying to liberate heteronormative males). It’s been coming for a while but I couldn’t be happier to see more dudes wearing makeup, bright colors, leggings and skirts – if that’s their inclination of course. To each they own, for real though.

The Pretty Reckless or Little J from Gossip Girl’s band have a new song called “Please Kill Me.” She has always had a great, raspy voice but the band has always musically been a bit generic? 

A worthy debate: Does One Direction actually dance? 

Blink 182 is making a new album. Do you care?

Trent Reznor, Digital Sith Lord, & Dr. Dre, Lord Of Bangin’ Beats, have teamed up to create a new streaming project that will compete with Spotify

Listen to Frank Ocean cover Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees.” 

Watch Sleigh Bells and St. Vincent join the stage with Cyndi Lauper & Rosie O’Donell to sing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” 

Did you know The Horrors frontman had a pop side project? Me neither.

Rocawear has a new Jimmy Hendrix fashion line. SPIN reports:

“The Jay-Z-founded streetwear brand is unleashing a capsule line based on the life and times of Jimi Hendrix. Taking the concept beyond track jackets and Tim-style boots, the Roc has introduced tie-dyed denim jackets and pants, sleek commemorative sweatshirts, and button-downs in a groovy, dandy-paisley print and American flag-inspired star patterns. And, miraculously, they got the “okay” from Hendrix’ notoriously protective estate to use his image, making for at least one nice sweatshirt and a Hendrix dot matrix face tee — and a classier counterpart to the collegiate Hendrix T-shirt collection that launched in Bloomingdale’s in early November.”

Obey This Flawless Existence

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