TLC Wants You to Have the Best Funeral Ever [WTF Friday]

Just when you thought TLC couldn’t find another wacky topic to turn into a TV show, they had to go and out-do themselves…once again. No, they’re not diving into the sex lives of house cats (although that series will probably launch next year), they’re exploring the world of funerals. Or rather “home-going” celebrations.Premiering on December 26th, a new series called (drum roll) “Best Funeral Ever” will showcase the unique services provided by Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home. If your dream is to be laid to rest in a giant barbecue grill while your family dances around you and a DJ drops some sweet beats, then you’ll probably love this show. Home-goings are anti-funerals, or so I’m told. They’re a celebration of life and that celebration looks a lot like some cheesy outtakes from “My Super Sweet 16”. Basically this is the best worst thing TLC will ever get us addicted to.

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