The Discman & Hit Clips Were Stupid Audio Devices[Saturday Flashback]

In 5th grade Debbie Velasquez had a portable casette tape player – a walkman – and the only casette tape she had was TLC’s “Fanmail.” ¬†Naturally, I had to one up her, so I got a portable discman and CD of TLC’s “Fanmail” which would become the only CD I ever bought because about a year later Napster was popularized and stealing megabytes was just too much fun. Then of course, there were mp3 players.

It’s insane to think about how much technology has progressed in a just a few years. How were we ever content to spend $100 on a product that barely worked. Remember having to hold your CD player¬†just so to ensure that it was perfectly flat or else it would skip? Remember how easy they would break after one or two drops? Remember how scratched up CDs would get? They would skip, entire songs would be missing, the sound quality was meh.
Yet still each day, I’d try to dance around with my discman only to be met with the sound of, “No Scru-Scru-Scru-Scrubs.”

Hit Clips were terrible music players that only played the most relevant and inane (yet awesome) popular music of the moment such as, N’Sync, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and various Disney “artists.” They were tiny keychain players in which you purchased cartridges that played one-minute clips of songs. You don’t even get the whole song. It’s like listening to TRL. What was the point? IDK I certainly did have a few, though. Do you remember Hit Clips?

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Deck Your Dorm with Lights and Lanterns
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