The Best Movies You Didn’t See: 2012 Edition

Every year there are a ton of flicks that are featured in theaters…or not so much “featured” as they’re briefly passed through. A lot of what you hear most about are the big budget popcorners. They drive you to pay 3D prices and ask you to bring little to the film other than your imagination, perhaps maybe also a willing suspension of disbelief.

Then, there are other films. Some quieter. Some under-budgeted or overlooked in general. Many might be foreign or considered too off-beat for mass consumption. There are even a few that could have made a bigger splash had they not landed a release on the wrong weekend, which this killed any chance they had at “making it”. There were wonderful films this year that didn’t bring in a lot of money and didn’t sell a lot of tickets but they’re worth your time, when you do have time. Here are a few…

There you have 11 flicks you probably didn’t see this year but should. The question is, as always, what’d I miss?

Giving these films two thumbs…and a bottoms…up,

The Dude

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