Book Lindsay Lohan Now for Your Next Bar Mitzvah!

Lindsay Lohan is a sad individual. Look, I understand that most of you are sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan but we’re still writing about her because things just keep getting worse and worse. Like, it’s kind of like a train wreck…or watching Micheal Scott on The Office. It’s so bad, you can’t look away. You hate yourself a little for it, but the sheer schadenfreude of watching LiLo’s downward spiral is too juicy. So I’m sorry for yet another “What Is Wrong With LiLo” article, but not really because – what is wrong with Lindsay Lohan??!

According to the Page Six, a talent company claiming to represent Lindsay Lohan released an ad wanting us all to know she’s available for “appearances” at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. If this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, I’m not sure what is. The ad is poorly done, it looks like it could have been done on paint, and the Photoshopped pic of LiLo on the ad doesn’t add to it’s credibility. However, Lindsay’s representatives have yet to comment on the advertisements validity. It also lists all of the work Lindsay has done, just in case you didn’t know who she was? It’s really a complete list of the best and worst of our favorite red-head.

If this ad is true, it’s just a downward spiral. Look, this is a classic cry for help. It starts with the jail time and progresses to Lifetime movies. I know they are a guilty pleasure for a lot of people, but I mean, come on. Also, it’s being reported that Lindsay is broke. Like super broke. Her bank accounts have been frozen for failing to pay like $233K on back taxes. I mean, I know Mean Girls is still bringing in revenue? Did she spend it all on drugs? What’s her deal?

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