Play Photographer! [ReadyU Conquer This List]

I’ve realized lately that I take tons of photos. Now that I’ve got a camera with me at all times (read: my phone), I tend to snap pictures of everything I find funny, interesting, or beautiful. That means I have somewhere around 10 million photos that made really funny Facebook posts or TwitPics at the time, but looking back, I wonder what I was thinking when I took them. Ok, maybe 10 million is a slight exaggeration, but you get what I’m saying here.

So, moving on through ReadyU’s Conquer This List, I decided I’d check off #25, Play Photographer. ReadyU has all the tools needed to help me conquer beyond the classroom, and, as you know, I’ve been checking items off the Conquer This list diligently. This challenge? To put a little more effort into my photos, so I have something more exciting to look back on than blurry, crooked shots. To add an extra challenge, I decided to do this the old school way. Ok, not really old school, because I didn’t use film. That is expensive! I’m talking old fashioned as in, like, last year. No filters, people! I’m not cheating and using Instagram or a similar app to make my photos look artsy no matter how bad they are. It’s just me and the camera.

I decided to check this item off the list when I made the trek home for Thanksgiving. I’m from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is a place that millions of people visit every year because it’s so beautiful. So what better place to get some nice nature shots, right? Everyone loves nature shots. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I wasn’t quite able to resist my urge to photograph everything that I think is funny, so I had to do lots of sorting through my photos to find decent ones. The rejects, which I will spare you from seeing, include a shot of my suitcase half-full of books (funny in a pathetic way), and my little sister in a leopard print onesie. Because she would kill me if that picture made it to the Internet. I’m not kidding about that.

I also took about a million photos of Thanksgiving dinner, but our cool, dim mood lighting didn’t look so nice in pictures. It looked more like we ate our Thanksgiving dinner in a dungeon. (We didn’t, I promise.) So those had to go, too.

Apparently, I’m obsessed with sunsets, because I took a photo of the sunset almost every night. So, because I just can’t be sure if the rest of the world is as obsessed with sunsets as I am, I narrowed down the sunset pictures to just the best one.

And now… I present you with my final results! My (possibly lame) attempt at being a creative photographer. How did I do? Check out the photos below and let me know. But go easy on me, please! I’m just an amateur. And don’t forget to check out ReadyU. They’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make it through college like a pro, from dressing for a date, to doing your laundry. And keep following me as I check items off the Conquer This List!

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