Valuing Convenience Over Desire [Sex in the News]

Just like eating habits, apparently sex has become all about convenience, specifically when you have sex. Pick up your McDonald’s kids, because time is money. Lovehoney, a sex toy website, conducted a survey gauging when people have sex. A third of people indicated that they schedule sex around their work and family schedule first, and only after that look to plan sex for when they’re in the mood.
Another 23 percent said their partner’s availability was a main factor. Yes, once again being in the mood was not of primary importance. Unsurprisingly couples are 13 times more likely to have sex at night than in the afternoon. (Because, you know, having things like jobs definitely messes with the ability to get it on in the afternoon.) Obviously they didn’t survey college students, because no one has the flexibility to get down in the afternoon like a college student.
Bottom line here: only 28 percent of those surveyed said they had sex when they were most in the mood, while most said they went for convenience over desire. If you’re looking for an alternative to the bedroom drive-thru, try scheduling a sexy “date” with your significant other in the afternoon. No distractions, no checking emails. Just some good ‘ole quality time together.

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