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Rashida Jones is a Haute Hipster [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]


Rashida Jones is one of those celebs I like from afar, mostly just because she hasn’t said or done anything particularly offensive that I know of, and she’s pretty. I like that her sense of style is kind of odd. She looks like someone who would have a very classic and conservative aesthetic, but she’s usually sort of a haute couture hipster. It seems like she’ll just throw a whole bunch of really expensive pieces together that don’t quite fit, but somehow looks charming.

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Like this outfit, for example. I’ll be honest – it’s not something I would ever wear, but I kind of like how weirdly styled it is. This patterned dress is totally boho chic and adorable on own. I’m personally side-eyeing the white vest, but these kind of puffy vests seem to be on trend this season (and not only in an InStyle mag kind of way – I’ve definitely seen them cropping up in regular mall stores as of late). Chunky black Oxford loafers are a functional and perennially stylish option. The white crossbody complements the white vest, and is easily wearable with a ton of other outfits. If you’re in a colder climate, I would suggest wearing wine red tights if you want to cover your legs. This would be an interesting ensemble for any casual occasion.

[Lead image via Joe Seer/Shutterstock]

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