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6 Charities Worth Your Donations this Holiday Season


For people that do not make regular charitable donations, the holidays can seem overwhelming. Charities amp up their campaigns to ask for support – canvassing on foot in public and sending mail outs. It’s smart, not only because the holiday spirit makes people more generous, but if you want to qualify for a tax deduction, donations need to be made by the end of the year.

So how do you know what charities to support this year? Do your research. While most charities have good intentions, there are some that do a poor job of managing their finances or have high administrative costs. This means that less money is going to support the programs they advertise, and that are likely to draw you in. Sites such as Charity Navigator identify charities with high ratings and list the financial breakdowns for charities. Here’s a few we suggest looking at when starting your hunt.

[Lead image via 1stclassphoto/Shutterstock]