Chris Pratt Got Ripped, Then Gained 60 Lbs Because He Hates Us

We all have seen actors go through crazy transformations for roles, like Renee Zellweger who gained a bunch of weight for Bridget Jones’ Diary and then lost it for her role in Chicago, but I haven’t seen an actor do crazy things with their body for a while. That was until I saw Chris Pratt‘s before and after. We all know him and love him as soft and dopey Andy on Parks and Recreation, but for the highly-anticipated Zero Dark Thirty he worked his cute little butt of and got Seal Team Six ready.
That’s impressive on it’s own, but then he threw it all away for another role. That’s right, he traded in his six pack for 60 lbs of chub. WTF, Chris?!
Click here to see the crazy before and after pictures, as well as his hilarious chat with Conan.
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