Create The Perfect Outfit For All Your Holiday Parties with Mstylelab

Christmas and New Years are both upon us, so ’tis the season to run frantically around the mall searching for The Perfect Outfit. Isn’t it lovely spreading festive cheer while you elbow a soccer mom away from the sale rack? Ahhh, the holidays bring out the best in all of us.
Thankfully, The Beauty Boss Style Sessions are here to save the day! Renowned vlogger Nikki Phillipi has teamed up with Macy’s Mstylelab to show you how to put together the most stylish and fabulously affordable outfits for all your holiday parties. The best part: You can order everything online…no need to take off those fuzzy slippers and sweats!
To get in on the action, we put together some looks inspired by Nikki’s suggestions and the great pieces online at Mstylelab.
Take a look below!

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10 Obscene Christmas Decorations [Gallery]
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