Hide Your Holiday Food-Baby With Peplum! [Budget Stylista]

Lately, my calendar has been filling up with parties of all kinds: white elephant exchanges, family Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve get-togethers. Unlike your average college party, however, most of these holiday events require dressing up. Sadly, that cool graphic tee and your old pair of jeans might just not cut it. But guess what? A peplum blouse will though!
Paired with skinnies or a pencil skirt, peplum blouses look great with everything. Even better, they are flattering on every body type, and the flowy bottom can hide a full stomach. (So feel free to load up on all the snacks at the party!)
If you’re attending an extra nice party, glam up your peplum look by choosing a material that is sparkly, like the sequined gold one above. Better yet, find a top that has a studded or bejeweled collar, like the maroon or black blouses above.
For a bold look that really stands out, choose a vibrant color like neon yellow (see below). Also, if you want to add a flirty touch, pick out a blouse that is strapless.
When picking out the bottom half of your outfit, just remember to opt for something that is more form-fitting. Wearing something like skinny black jeans will balance out the flowy bottom portion of the top, making you look slimmer instantly. Keep this simple tip in mind while you’re dressing, and you’re set!
Happy holidays and good look finding the perfect peplum top for your next party!

Like what you saw? Buy it here: Gold- shelikes.com // Neon Yellow- allyfashion.com // Maroon- owntherunway.com // Purple- missselfridge.com // Black- veromoda.com // Grey- topshop.com

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