Create Your Own Gift Bags [DIY with CC]

After all of that shopping for Christmas presents, now comes the time to wrap them up to give them out! I know what you’re thinking–you forgot to stock up on cheesy wrapping paper and have nothing to put your gifts in. OK, maybe I’m wrong, but using wrapping paper that will just end up crumpled and thrown away can be wasteful, especially if you know how to do this craft to create your own gift bags from recycled newspaper!
Items You’ll Need:
– Old newspapers (you can also recycle old used gift wrap, brown paper bags, magazines)
– Ribbon or string
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Glue Stick
– Cardboard or cardstock
– Hole Punch
What to do:
***These instructions can vary based on how big you want your bag dimensions to be. Measure how big your gift is to decide how deep and wide the bag needs to be and you can modify the directions if needed!
The following instructions are for a 5″ tall x 4.5″ wide x 3″ deep gift bag.
1. Lay out 2 sheets of newspaper on top of each other (this will make the bag thicker and more sturdy).
2. Cut out a 15.5″ wide x 8.25″ tall rectangle.

3. Fold the cut-out newspaper accordingly:
** The 4.5″ part will be the width, the 3″ part the depth, and the 5″ height of the newspaper will be the height of the bag. You can edit these to fit what size bag you want if necessary.

4. Cut the cardboard into two 4.25″ x 1″ rectangles and glue them on the newspaper panels right below the folds (the white areas shown in the above picture.
5. Glue the flap above the cardboard down along the panels (this will be the top rim of the bag). Since there are two sheets of newspaper, glue the ends of the newspaper to each other so they stick together.
6. Fold the length of the newspaper on the designated folds above in order to create the body of the bag. Glue the 0.5″ inch flap on the edge of the next panel in order to form the bag. You now should have a rectangular box with two open ends.

7. On the side without the cardboard rims, you will fold the sides up like wrapping a gift in order to create the base of the bag. Like so…

8. Glue the folds so that the base holds together…

9. And cut a piece of cardboard to 4.25″ x 2.5″ and glue in in the base of the bag to keep it sturdy.

10. Your bag is almost finished! To finish it off, punch two holes on both of the wide sides of the bag and string ribbon through to create handles.

11. Now fill it with your gift and you’re done!
Thanks to HowAboutOrange for the DIY tutorial and photos!; This is an awesome craft!

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