11 Celebrity Couples Where SHE’S Reaching and HE’S Settling

My Dude’s List about celebrity couples where HE’S reaching and SHE’S settling is nearing a million hits. So damn if I wasn’t going to have to commit to posting its counterpart. Now, for one reason or another, this list was very difficult to pick. To recap, a theory stands that in every relationship there’s a member of the couple that is considered the “reacher” (one who is considered the less attractive or desired) and then there’s the “settler” (the one considered more attractive and desired).
It ain’t rocket science, just good ol’ fashioned stereotyping and personal taste. This list is not a comment on any of the relationships featured. They all must work for one reason or another, chemistry or what have you. Now, we’re swimming in shallower water here. I’m not arguing the fact that several of these contenders can be contested. However, according to those polled, these are some of the first couples that come to mind…

And there you have it, Ladies. That’s my list. Who is undeserving of their place? Why? Who’d I miss? Who would you put on it? I stand by the choices. I stand by my taste and have accurately represented the selection of men and women polled. Like it? Hate it? Should I care? Make me.
Poking a hornets nest,
The Dude
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