Brocade for the Baroque Girl

Brocade and baroque styles are two of the most tantalizing yet tricky trends to pull off. Unfortunately, the luxurious looks tend to cost a pretty penny and are difficult to translate from the catwalk to a college campus. The good news is that by manipulating fabrics, patterns and textures, you can find cheaper and less formal ways to try the trends. I’ll show you how to incorporate Dolce & Gabbana’s, Balmain’s and Gucci’s killer collections into your own winter wardrobe in practical, affordable ways.

After clicking through, check out the Polyvore links below to see where you can get the items in each set! Some of the items may already be sold out online, but you can still use the sets as inspiration. Plus, I’ve actually checked out Topshop and H&M recently, and some of the items no longer available online are actually still in stores.

Remember, going brocade or baroque doesn’t mean you have to go broke….or buh-roke (I think I’m funny).

 Glamorous Gabbana  |  Separates | Balmain Baroque | Bold Blues | Gothic Gucci I 

Gothic Gucci II | Accessories

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