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Celebrate Christmas with LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb (Holiday Limited Edition)

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Since this review is being posted on Christmas, I wanted to check out something light and fun! And what’s more fun than a fuzzy, luxurious bath?

LUSH is a brand hailing from the UK that specializes in bath and skincare products with a natural twist. Their holiday collection is always one of the most anticipated of the year and, luckily, my favourite bath bomb Cinders is making a return! This bomb is “inspired by fireside gatherings with family and friends” and features cinnamon leaf and almond oil, as well as pop rocks to imitate the sound of a fire crackling!

How To Use It:
LUSH recommends just dropping this into your bath water, but I actually like to prolong the life of my bath bombs a bit and split them up into two. If you get a sharp object (like a pointed nail file) into the center, you should be able to crack it in half. Then, hop in your bath and toss it in to enjoy the fireside scents and sounds.

CC Rating: A+

Whenever I buy a bath product, I feel slightly guilty. They are absolutely and totally unnecessary, but so much fun, not to mention a great way to relax! Seriously, lounging in a tub with a bath bomb, some candles and a good book is heavenly. I look forward to my holiday baths with Cinders every single year and this year has proven no different.

The scent is nice and spicy and mellows out after a bit. I find it very relaxing and great right before bed. My only gripe is the color this bomb changes the water – it’s a bright yellow and I’m sure you can guess what it reminds me of. Other than that, Cinders is a fabulous way to give yourself a little treat this holiday. Best of all, it’s cheap, ringing in at only $4.95! Check it out at LUSH’s website or your local LUSH store.

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