New Girls Season 2 Trailer! [Sugar Binge]

Why are these ladies always bathing with each other? We cannot figure that over here at CollegeCandy. Do you ever take baths with your besties? Furthermore, there is scarcely a bath that is big enough or clean enough in New York City that most people would dare to sit bare bottomed in. Are you excited for the new season? We so are. The bittersweet, love-hate fest continues.
The oh-so subtle Taylor Swift is buying a UK home to be closer to Harry Styles. When will boo boo learn? 
You know how you set your privacy settings on Facbeook so that randos won’t message you? Well, now Facebook will let these randos pay $1 to creepily stalk you. Yes, for $1 Facebook will force you to see the message from the unwanted rando you’ve been avoiding
What is actually worse for you weed or alcohol?

“They found through brain scans over time: Teens who drank five or more alcoholic beverages twice a week or more–essentially binge drinking–had damage to their brain tissue that could cause memory loss, attention deficit problems, and issues with decision making not only immediately, but also later in life going into adulthood. (Ruh roh!) One of the researchers explained that it becomes a pretty vicious cycle when that happens: “If teens decrease their tissue health and cognitive ability to inhibit themselves, they might become more likely to engage in risky behavior like excessive substance use.”

Blue Ivy Carter appears in photographic form. *Gasp* 

No Texting, No Exceptions: Week Three [One Month Challenge]
No Texting, No Exceptions: Week Three [One Month Challenge]
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